Single family dwelling
L'Anse-St-Jean, QC

Located at the Plateaux eco-village near L'Anse-St-Jean, QC, this unique construction project is a genuine product of its site, being constructed of local materials, designed and built by hand and through the collective power of community. A few initial sketches were completed and a scale model of the frame was built, however the construction process was the true educator of the design. The drawings presented here were prepared without measure, from an intimate understanding of how the structure was pieced together.

During my time on the project, I was exposed to the vast potential of the human hand - the hand that is guided by the careful dedication of the craftsman, the hand steadied by a confidence in one's own ability, and the hand that is restrained by its humble knowledge of its own limits.
no. 1 chemin des plateaux, sketch
[16"x12", graphite and ink]
foundation plan
Stones were collected and hauled from the base of a nearby waterfall. The caveau will be used for cold storage in lieu of a refrigerator.
first floor plan
proposed layout of the first floor
reflected ceiling plan
Most of the timber was harvested from the site itself; cut and squared by chainsaw, adze and a small local mill.
second floor plan
proposed layout of the bedrooms on the second floor.
south elevation
east elevation
dans le caveau
Toute l'électricité nécessaire au chantier est produite par un seul panneau solaire.
Le scie mécanique est l’outil préféré.
Touts les bardeaux de cèdre sont fait à la main.